Varilight Vogue Slate Grey 4-Gang 10A 1- or 2-Way Toggle Switch (Twin Plate)

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Varilight switches & sockets have an industry-wide reputation for exceptional performance, long life, and innovation at attractive prices. They also, like all our products, are designed to meet the latest European Safety Legislation.

Varilight standard switches are suitable for controlling mains and low voltage lighting, halogen, incandescent GLS, LEDs and any other lighting that does not require dimming.

They are also suitable for either 1 way, or 2-way circuits, i.e., where the same lights are controlled by 2 separate switches. If the lighting circuit is controlled by three switches, in separate locations then one of the switches in the circuit must be an intermediate switch with four terminals enabling you to link all three switches together.

Click HERE for a further information & fitting instructions leaflet (pdf form)

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