Varilight Urban/Vogue Matt Black 4-Gang PowerGrid Plate including Yoke (Twin Plate)

£11.24 £11.24


The Varilight PowerGrid Collection enables you to create countless combinations of tailor-made accessories for specific installations.

PowerGrid enables you to combine switches, dimmers, and other accessories on one plate. The PowerGrid system comprises of 3 parts: a faceplate, a grid frame (or “yoke”) and several grid modules. Screwless PowerGrid faceplates have integrated grid frames so only the faceplate and grid modules are required. 

The PowerGrid range is available in a range of different finishes for both the plates and the modules. 1- and 2-gang options are offered on a single size plate and 3- and 4-gang on a double sized plate. Grid frames are available as 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-gang options to suit. 

Our double height 6- and 8-gang faceplates and a triple height 9- and 12-gang plates require the use of multiple 3- or 4-gang grid frames.

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