Varilight Classic Brushed Brass 10A Fan Isolating Switch (3 Pole)

£15.91 £15.91


Varilight switches & sockets have an industry-wide reputation for exceptional performance, long life, and innovation at attractive prices. They also, like all our products, is designed to meet the latest European Safety Legislation.

Varilight Single 10-amp Fan Isolating Switch on a Single Plate, a necessity for all bathrooms and shower rooms containing a fan.

The triple pole Fan Isolator can be used in most rooms, although wet areas should be avoided, like bathrooms and shower rooms. In wet rooms, the Fan Isolator is put outside of the room. The role of the Fan Isolator is to isolate the electrics to an extractor fan, so it can be easily removed for inspection, maintenance, and repair. This switch is not only essential as a building requirement on a new build or extension but if installing a new extractor fan, it is wise to wire in a Fan Isolator too.

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